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A Simple Tool To Unlock Organisational Capability

thinqi is a simple-to-use, yet sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS). It contains a digital learning resource and delivery focus with strong online and physical event-booking and management capabilities. thinqi is a powerful, accessible and agile e-learning system built around a set of behaviours defined by modern theories of learning science. Hosted in the Cloud, thinqi has been built specifically to focus on a select amount of tools that interoperate with productivity tools such as Google and Office 365.

Playlists Authoring Tool

thinqi provides excellent e-learning content development tools that can produce compelling, adaptive, interactive learning content. Users can create, curate and publish content using the simple and effective playlist authoring tool. thinqi can then assign a playlist to an individual, a group or a number of groups of learners. The content can be informal or it can be assigned as structured learning with assessments for both learning and outcome.


thinqi has been designed to support and enable learning and development communities of practice (CoP). These collaboration tools support content and curriculum design and can offer organisations more social constructivist models of learning and development. The CoP toolset includes discussion boards, a chat feature, file repositories and a place to share content to the group (CoP).

Event Management

thinqi has an integrated multilingual event management system which allows the simple creation and management of event(s) for learning and development teams. Events can be published, featured and promoted. Users of thinqi can browse upcoming events or search for specific events by subject, theme or location.


Assignments are a way to distribute and assess the learning content included in Playlists. thinqi comes complete with a live markbook to show the progress and attainment of learners in real-time. Using the latest learner record store (LRS) technology, the scores and progress of all learners is automatically saved and compiled into a mark scheme. This can be viewed at the level of the individual learner, the individual question or for the overall cohort.

Digital Content Repository

thinqi features an impressive digital content repository with accurate search and retrieval tools to store all types of rich multimedia content, as well as links, and over 250 file types. thinqi can interoperate with numerous commercial content repositories as well as any bespoke, industry-specific repositories where APIs exist. thinqi’s digital content repository integrates all content within the LMS in one zone for ease of access to enable a unique digital learning experience.

Management Information

thinqi’s contemporary reporting capability outputs a range of assessment reports. Learning and development reporting is available as both group reporting and on an individual learner basis. For management information data thinqi provides a range of statistical data, such as visitor traffic, resource creation, geographic location and consumption of resource data.

"Having worked with CDSM for a number of years, the relationship which has formed between us professionally is one of collaborative partners, whilst personally it has provided one of friendship." Elaine Cottam Corporate Training Manager, Gleeds Academy

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