Learning & Development Consultancy

We have 17 years of commercial experience designing and developing e-learning solutions for some of the largest organisations in Wales and the wider UK.

We have cultivated highly valuable sets of knowledge and skills that qualifies and enables it to advise and guide others who wish to benefit from a contemporary digital learning and development strategy.

Below we have described where this experience and knowledge can most effectively inform our clients’ ambitions, strategies and programmes of work.

Designing a Digital Learning and Development (DLD) Strategy for the 21st Century Learning Organisation

This service involves working with an organisation to understand its key business objectives in order to design an effective implementation programme for digital learning technologies. CDSM works with clients to:

Digital Curriculum Design and Development

This service involves close engagement with the client-organisation’s learning and development personnel and the experts within the organisation who are contributors and / or delivery stakeholders. We design with these knowledge experts in the following key areas:

This process also involves ensuring that the curriculum is accessible and inclusive, i.e. that all students from all backgrounds, can participate with an equal chance of success.