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Award-Winning E-Learning Content

CDSM produce great e-learning. We design effective, engaging content that delivers the results you want for your people and your organisation.

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Learning and Development Professionals

Our e-learning solutions are designed by teaching and learning professionals with many years experience of both classroom and online delivery spaces. We have the capability to create the right type of e-learning solution to meet your needs. We offer a range of e-learning content formats, from linear to simulation, scenario-based to assessment-led, CDSM listens, consults , and delivers the right outcomes for your organisation, its people and culture.

Beautifully Crafted

Our content looks amazing, but you can rest assured that we offer more than just pretty pictures. Our contemporary content-interfaces always let our subject matter 'do the talking'. We use evidence-based learning and design principles to inform our instructional design. This ensures that knowledge and skills are easily processed, retained and can therefore be recalled and used as and when required for maximum return.

Fiercely Effective

Our content can be effortlessly accessed from desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. We future-proof our solutions, ensuring we're always ahead of the curve and are able to respond effectively to social, organisational and technological change. We never shy from a challenge no matter how demanding our customers requirements may appear.


Rolling out an international e-learning programme across multiple countries will present you with new and different challenges. Ensuring you meet the language requirements of each country is one of these. We have extensive experience in this area and can offer you high quality translation services.

Quality Assured

In our opinion, quality content is a necessity not a luxury. Having spent time ensuring that our content is effective, accessible and striking, we pay careful attention to our customers' house styles, ensuring consistency across products.

Case Study

If people are too disengaged to learn, what's the point of training. That's why we created an award winning taxonomical approach to a Europe-wide e-learning programme with Honda Motor Europe. Read the case study to find out more

"CDSM have been instrumental in helping us to improve the quality of the e-learning we produce, which has led to a dramatic increase in the completion rate of our programmes compared to previous in-house designed courses." David Edwards Manager - European Training Delivery, Honda
"Whether it’s the instructional design, technical development or the account manager, their pro-activeness, and willingness to seek solutions gives you peace of mind and you feel satisfied that they are trying to do the best they can for your business." Ben Marshall Training Team Leader, BMW
"Technically they’re a supplier and we’re the customer but it just feels that they understand what we’re trying to achieve and share our ambitions. They are now part of our team." Ray Watts Training Manager, Mitsubishi Motors UK

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