The ESTnet Awards 2016 Collaborative Partnership of the Year - Finalist

Public Sector

CDSM works with teaching and learning organisations such as universities and schools as well as local and central government agencies. We understand that digital ‘done right’ underpins and 'scaffolds' contemporary teaching and learning strategies providing practitioners with blended approaches to personalisation, differentiation and learner motivation.

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Digital Learning Solutions

CDSM is the largest independent e-learning solutions company in Wales. We seek to offer each of our clients the highest levels of quality, service and integrity. We believe in developing strong and, lasting collaborative relationships built on shared objectives, delivered in well managed, well structured programme and project environments. As a 21st learning organisation CDSM is committed to continuously evaluating and improving its services and its practices for the benefits of its clients and their learners.

Hwb - Digital Learning for Wales

Since 2014, CDSM has been the Welsh Government’s supplier of Hwb, the National Digital Content Repository for Wales. We have succeeded in delivering to our client a dynamic content repository 'full to the brim' with free-to-access digital content for Wales’ 1,400 schools. Over the course of the Hwb project we have built strong partnerships, implementing award winning services from both Encyclopedia Britannica and Just2easy. Today, the Hwb service goes from strength to strength, now offering teachers and learners user-generated content tools and online collaborative learning spaces. #togetherstronger

School Improvement Software for Welsh Regional Consortia

Our My School Improvement Dashboard (MySID) product is used throughout three out of four of the formal education consortia within Wales. CSCJES, ERW and EAS use the software to facilitate change through a collaborative and challenge-based environment and support school leaders in the school improvement and planning process. It is underpinned by the School Categorisation Framework and includes a range of powerful features to drive school improvement performance throughout Wales.

Securing Teacher Assessment Programme of External Verification

As part of the STAP programme, we have revamped a version of thinqi to support a national verification process that will strengthen the consistency and reliability of the Welsh teacher assessment system. Some of thinqi’s core feature set has been adapted to support the national rollout of the programme across all regional consortia. This was managed by our partner, the Education Achievement Service.

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