As a learning and development company CDSM is privileged to work across a variety of sectors. However, over the last decade we have developed specific areas of expertise and sectoral experience in UK public sector education, school improvement and European automotive retail and manufacturing. We have a team of experienced account managers whose sole purpose is to understand your e-learning requirements and challenges.

Education Sector

CDSM works with teaching and learning organisations such as universities and schools as well as local and central government agencies. We understand that digital ‘done right’ underpins and 'scaffolds' contemporary teaching and learning strategies providing practitioners with blended approaches to personalisation, differentiation and learner motivation.

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Automotive Sector

We’ve been busy transforming how automotive brands develop and deliver e-learning, with fantastic results and glowing testimonies regarding the impact we’ve achieved together with our clients.

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Commercial Sector

Our experience combined with application of contemporary learning science has delivered successful digital learning strategies to the commercial sector.

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