Make a Difference with Your Work Experience

Meet Sam

Sam is a Year 10 student from Penyrheol Comprehensive School in Swansea, and he’s massively into computer science. So when Sam started to think about where to do his work experience, he asked his IT teacher.


Sam wanted a placement that would let him gain experience in a development environment. He also wanted to see what working for a technology company was like. His teacher suggested contacting CDSM.


CDSM design, develop and host Hwb and its range of education tools, which are available for free in every school in Wales. Sam and his school use Hwb all the time, so the fit was obvious. Sam would get to see CDSM from the inside, and he would experience first hand the hard work we're doing to support education in Wales.


Sam hopes to gain an experience in IT and software engineering. He has a specific interest in programming (especially C, Python and Bash) and wants to go on to study computer science at university.

Good luck Sam!