The Day World of Learning Learned About Thinqi

Picture the Scene:

It was 09:59, a mere sixty seconds before the doors were flung open unleashing one continuous throng of the country’s finest learning and development minds. The NEC was abuzz with anticipation. The atmosphere was thick with excitement and your favourite learning technologists, among which your humble author could be counted, were finishing their pre-show rituals, psyching themselves up to showcase Thinqi, the nation’s #1 blended learning platform at the 2016 World of Learning Conference and Exhibition.

Three Thinqi Learnistas are pictured inside the World of Learning photo frame

It’s a miracle that we were there at all. Months of preparation and the best laid plans were close to being scuppered by’s lesson in how not to conduct successful customer service, but that, along with our how to guide, is for another blog.

But I digress, by hook or by crook, we were there and to the admiring hoards our meticulous levels of planning didn't go unnoticed. It’s without exaggeration that I proclaim Thinqi’s ability to stand out from the crowd. It’s newfangled yet audaciously intuitive. It’s been designed by pedagogues and therefore built to withstand the most rigorous learning and development requirements. It’s streamlined and targeted which means it’s a system that learners actually use, and it’s been seriously road-tested with well over half a million regular users actively steamrolling any bumps.

I wish I could have caught each and every reaction to our Playlist feature, which is easily the most effective, simple to use e-learning authoring tool available on the market. I wish I could tell you about each and every person’s delight at our ability to meet their requirements. Instead I’ll have to contain myself with telling you how delighted our travelling band of Learnistas were with their conversations with conference delegates. Each one serving as the perfect validation of all the work we’ve been doing over the last 18 months.

View of Thinqi stand with a crowd of delegates. In the foreground, one team member surveys the landscape

During those same 18 months we’ve been working closely with a number of blue chip customers. Together we focussed on the return on investment perspective of traditional vs e-learning and more specifically, blended learning vs either traditional or e-learning. I’m delighted to say that our Seminar on this subject was well attended and excellently received. We’ll be sharing our slides from the presentation, but in the meantime our ROI expert guide can be downloaded here. David Jones’s excellent blog “Measure for Measure” is also well worth a read.

View of the crowd that attended CDSM's seminar on Calculating ROI on e-learning

So what’s next? Well, Thinqi will be on show again at the Learning Technologies Exhibition at Olympia on the 1st and 2nd of February 2017. Feel free to drop by and discover for yourself why some of the world's most innovative brands are turning to Thinqi to devise their learning and development.

Until then…Never Stop Learning!